Spider Clamp – 3 Legged – 6″

SKU: SC-06-03


Hold round parts from 1.18” to 6” in diameter. Delicate parts held without distortion. Great for vision inspection.


Unique vise specifically designed to hold delicate round parts without distortion and allow maximum back lighting for vision inspection (also works well for CMM inspection). Designed to replace bulky traditional 3-jaw chuck which limits access and can distort parts. The Spider Vise™ is designed to hold parts from 1.18” to 6” in diameter. Each leg has adjustable pins with o-rings to provide grip when part is in place. Spider-Clamp™ is black anodized aluminum sitting on a ¾” x 2” steel stand-off secured by a flat-head screw. Add taller stand-offs to gain more height when necessary. ¼-20 and M6 mounting thread.


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