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Achieving Long-Lasting Industrial Traceability Through Fiber Laser Marking

An effective traceability system provides information that can also be used to identify bottlenecks and quality control issues along the supply chain.

Published in Machine Design February 18, 2021

As supply chains increasingly become complex and regulated, manufacturers must collect more accurate data in real time. Laser marking ensures high quality conformity and accountability for uniquely identifying parts to follow through every stage of the production process. A LEAN laser marking process is the result of the right mind set paired with the right machine and modular, quick swap fixturing – a combination required to Deliver Perfect Parts Faster.

Amid crises and challenges, laser markets stay the course

For a variety of reasons, many laser sectors did reasonably well in 2020 and some prospered. Every segment was different and each has had its own story. Overall annual revenue growth for laser sales is estimated to have risen 8.8% in 2020.

Published in Laser Focus World, February 24, 2021

Between trade wars and global pandemics, the laser industry felt an insignificant dip, coming out 2019 and 2020. However, each laser sector is forecasted to see its own individual growth over the coming years and short term future. Supply chain regulations and manufacturing industry growth is positioning laser process revenue to reach $18 Billion in 2021 and hit $46 Billion by 2027. Complexity and demand will continue to increase and the requirement for LEAN, simple and fast solutions will be at the top of the list. Modular fixturing is the secret to keeping pace, marking more parts per shift and Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!  

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