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LORI BECKMAN, Senior Editor, Production Machining September 20, 2020

Fast Fixturing for Inspection and Laser Marking - Precision MachiningThe versatility of the Inspection Arsenal and Laser Arsenal modular fixture plate systems enables fixturing to be built on the individual grid plates. The plates can be easily removed from the magnetic docking rail when not needed.

Not all shops can boast that they have developed several products to sell for one industry that have stemmed from each other, helping their own production problem-solving, while also helping their colleagues become more efficient along the way. But Phillips Precision Inc. (Boylston, Massachusetts) can.

This company is more than a machine shop housing CNC vertical and horizontal mills and lathes to manufacture parts. Phillips Precision got its start nearly 25 years ago machining complex prototypes and has since shifted to light to mid-range production for many industries. Recalling its roots, Phillips refers to itself as a “manufacturing laboratory” that offers its own product lines, which its owners have developed in-house. Two of these products are modular, interlocking work holding fixture plate systems known as the Inspection Arsenal and Laser Arsenal Loc-N-Load quick-swap fixture system.

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